Knowledge + Drive = Competitiveness

Just over a decade ago, Carl-Henric Nilsson founded Kunskapspartner, convinced that research findings could be used to strengthen the competitiveness of companies. The idea is based on the principle that  knowledge + drive = competitiveness.


”After all, everything goes back to a personal relationship, the knowledge and engagement of the consultants. That I´ve definitely experienced in my collaborations with Kunskapspartner.”

Fredrik Wahrolén, Head of Communication Peab

It goes without saying that this requires a strong pedigree in the fields of business economics, technology, management and behavioural science. Yet, more important than the appreciation of our theoretical knowledge and analytical skills is the acclaim we have received for our firm approach to leading your change process. Our extensive experience from a variety of industries ensures that we are well equipped to help you translate words into deeds and ideas into practical courses of action. For you, that means enhanced competitiveness.

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