Christina Lindskog

Christina has more than ten years’ experience of management consultancy, during which time she has specialised in process orientation with particular focus on adapting processes to business goals and providing people with new ways of working. Christina joined Kunskapspartner after a career within the service industry, where she developed her interest in organisational development. Working as a consultant involves using a good mix of structural and cultural ideas that can enhance competitiveness by providing new ways of working. Among Christina’s many skills, the most distinctive is perhaps her ability to recognise patterns and focus on the bigger picture when developing companies, groups and individuals.

Christina has a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Lund University, with a major in organisation and management. Parallel to her consultant work she is a PhD student at the Faculty of Engineering, where she is focusing on Lean Philosophy in service and service-intensive industries.

”I see similarities between working as a consultant at Kunskapspartner and one of my great hobbies, cycling, in that they both involve a fascinating blend of strategy, tactics and stamina. Bringing about real change requires much more than just sharp analysis and a good action plan. It is about leading a process in close co-operation with people – a task that requires determination and strength, but also humility and compliance.”