Company goals and how to get there

Developing a strong and sustainable strategy includes work, which involves and engages employees. In this process, we help you formulate and visualise each step of the journey. The result will be a concrete action plan, which will make your company goals clear and show the way forward.



When everyone finds their role

How do you create the most value for your customers with the least amount of resources? By working with the company’s organisation and processes – in its width and depth. Only then can you start developing your business optimally. A well-thought organisation and processes do not only show how the whole company works but also how each employee fits into it.



Soft values are hard currency

Good pay and benefits matter. But how do you get truly motivated employees? That is, employees who speak proudly of “their” company, who are open to change, work eagerly and generate a positive atmosphere. We help you create and maintain good leadership, a positive working environment and internal efficiency.



How to sustain the long-term change

A good competitor in the market will strengthen his stamina by taking in new knowledge. Continuous learning is concrete and crucial. It is about creating a sound management system where you visualise, measure and follow up in key areas. By doing so, you generate positive improvements – as everything that is being measured and followed up will be implemented.

Together with our customers

Let us never work for you. Managing change is an artform and the best results occur when companies are involved: when we work together..


a consulting and research company in Lund, Sweden with over 20 years experience in leading companies through business development and change management.

Research based

We combine academic competence, with long and practical experience from the business world. This means that we are at the forefront of new theories and models for business development.

Situation based 

We have the privilege of working with customers from most industries and with different ownership structures. Our services are aimed towards all types of businesses and organisations.


We have plenty of tools and methods, which are individually valuable. However, it is when they are linked together that we see the results of a powerful management and development system.

Our consultants

Buisness Consultant Givi Kokaia
Givi Kokaia

+46 70-8738381

Change management Anneli Eklöf
Anneli Eklöf

+46 708-625569

Consultant Carl-Henric Nilsson
Carl-Henric Nilsson

+46 733-320200

Alexander Juul Størner

+46 73-3003771

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Consultants in strategic business development


The only way to explain their competence, is through their craftsmanship. Because their work is a real craft. Just like a skilled teacher with integrity, they worked with us to make sure that we continued the process all the way to the finishline – with passion and self-distance.

“I feel that they care and really want the project to be good! Kunskapspartners expertise in industrial and project management, combined with their great personal commitment, contributed to greater dynamics in the project – therefore we achieved our goals much faster than if we had done it ourselves. “

CMP has worked with Kunskapspartner for over ten years and are very happy with our collaboration. Since 2006, Kunskapspartner is facilitating our employee surveys for all employees – both the danish and swedish side. Kunskapspartner also worked with our change management journey for the entire CMP organisation. I can highly recommend Kunskapspartner when it comes to employee surveys and change management projects.

We were many new employees in a young organisation, without a real structure. We wanted to improve the collaboration between employees in the company and maintain a superior customer focus. During several effective sessions with Kunskapspartner, we developed an organisation which is sustainable and long-term. Kunskapspartner know what they are doing, and they do it in a humble and uncomplicated way. We now have a highly effective team, where everyone has respect for eachother and share the same goals, which is fun and effective – a perfect combo!

Kunskapspartner were steady team players who picked up the slightest details. They never allowed the management team to miss anything and it allowed us to create a well thought out strategic agenda, as well as a methodology to communicate it. This has been crucial to us. When the staff raised their hands and started asking questions, I felt that our hard work had been invaluable. We would never have achieved such strong results without Kunskapspartner and today we continue this work themselves.


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Postal Adress : Kunskapspartner AB | IDEON Science Park | Scheelevägen 15, 223 70 Lund