How does Kunskapspartner handle personal data?

Kunskapspartner collects personal information in the form of first and last name, email, telephone number, work position, and what company people represent in order to contact them in the future about relevant projects, seminars, events, news, or anything else that may be of value for individuals linked to our areas of expertise. Kunskapspartner protects the privacy of individuals and it is always possible to unsubscribe from our mailings. When you send an email to us to unregister, Kunskapspartner deletes all personal information regarding the person in question.

Kunskapspartner never delivers personal information to third parties for marketing or sales purposes. Kunskapspartner may share information on assignments where we need to involve subcontractors, which in such cases are explicitly authorised by the person in question and the company.

How do we store your personal information?


Kunskapspartner stores personal data in a CRM system called Insightly. Insightly is a company based in California, USA. Insightly uses subcontractors to help the company update its system. Insightly therefore shares personal data with third parties, with the purpose of helping their customers. Kunskapspartner processes and retains personal data in Insightly as long as we believe they are of interest in our contacts or until there is an explicit desire to be deleted from the system. For more information about which companies like Insightly share or have shared information click here.


Kunskapspartner uses Dropbox as an internal system for storing information related to projects, agreements, personal data, previous customers and corresponding information required to complete the agreements written between Kunskapspartner and the client. Kunskapspartner tries to eliminate data that is not considered necessary (7-10 years after completion of the project) as far as possible. Dropbox maintains a high standard of security and receives multiple ISO certifications in security. Dropbox does not share information with third parties and all employees working on Dropbox must sign a contract for personal integrity and security when employed. For more information on how Dropbox processes information, click here.

Fortnox och Finqr

Kunskapspartner uses Fortnox and Finqr as an external partner for invocing and accouting. In accordance with the accounting law of Sweden we will save your personal data and company data for 7 years. Only the accountant, the person responsible for the economy at Kunskapspartner and the actual consultant will have access to this data.


Kunskapspartner uses the integration between Insightly and Mailchimp. Kunskapspartner uses Mailchimp as a tool for our newsletter (KP-Bluepaper), for our marketing of products/tools/methods to potential clients.

It stays between us.

All confidential information provided in connection with assignments is treated confidentially in accordance with the internal confidentiality agreement entered into between Kunskapspartner and all employees.

Confidentiality concerns of course any kind of function – technical, commercial, or otherwise (eg methods, systems, computer programs, business plans, customer information and business events, accounting materials, market plans, patentable inventions, sketches, ideas and / or other technical models , etc.) – with the exception of information that is or has become widely known.

Kunskapspartner’s survey service

Kunskapspartner has two survey platforms: Attitudes@Work and Attitudes@Market. In the systems, Kunskapspartner handles personal data because we provide the service to customers. The following describes how we handle information in each survey platform.

The platforms Attitudes@Work (A@W) and Attitudes@Market (A@M) are owned by Kunskapspartner AB. Kunskapspartner keeps all information from our IT partner Binero, which is only responsible for domain and storage of data from the surveys. All employees at Kunskapspartner have access to A@W and A@M, as well as Kunskapspartner’s subcontractors in IT. Anonymity is secured through internal anonymity agreements between employees and Kunskapspartner AB, as well as between subcontractors and Kunskapspartner. Customers or employees of Kunskapspartner’s customers may receive personal information from their respective companies through contact with employees at Kunskapspartner, provided that this information meets Kunskapspartner ‘s requirements for anonymity.


Kunskapspartner’s role for Attitudes@Work surveys is one of a Processor, where we manage and administer personal data to our customers. 

As an employee of a Customer Company to Kunskapspartner, who takes part in and undergoes an A@W inquiry, responsibility for managing personal data with our customer companies is established through the employment contracts. Thus, employees at customer companies must have agreed to Kunskapspartner’s processing of their personal data when finalising agreements between customer companies and Kunskapspartner. Kunskapspartner keeps A@W surveys anonymous to the maximum extent (up to 7-10 years after completion of the survey). Employees who take part in the survey also have the opportunity to abstain from conducting the survey if they do not wish to participate. Kunskapspartner, however, retains email addresses in the system as part of the customer company’s employees.


Kunskapspartner’s role in Attitudes@Market surveys is one of a Controller where we, together with our customers, take responsibility for determining why and how we handle personal data.

Attitudes@Market is a tool where Kunskapspartner customers can log in and apply market research to their end customers. Kunskapspartner’s customers are responsible for the survey while Kunskapspartner provides the tool. If end customers wish to have their personal data removed, they must contact Kunskapspartner’s customer and request for their data to be deleted. Our customers also bear the responsibility of contacting Kunskapspartner and confirm the removal of personal data.

End customers give consent to Kunskapspartner and our customers to share and manage personal data by conducting the survey. End customers always have the opportunity to abstain from taking the survey if they do not wish to participate. Email addresses are stored by email to calculate the response rate, and it is the responsibility of Kunskapspartner’s customer to handle their personal information in a confidential manner vis-à-vis their end customers. 10 years after completion of the survey, the answers will be rendered as anonymous as possible.